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Transform Your Supply Chain Spend

Balancing priorities like guest satisfaction with operational costs is a constant and ongoing challenge in hospitality. Whether you’re a boutique hotel or part of a large hotel chain, our strategic purchasing solutions at HPC will help you enhance your bottom line without compromising quality. We utilize proven strategies to streamline your spend and improve your supply chain. By negotiating the best prices on products and services from the industry’s most reputable suppliers, our members save money on everything from linens and silverware to energy and staffing! Discover how we can help your business today.

Receptionist and businesswoman at hotel front desk

Industry Experts Focused on Improving Hospitality

Through our strategic partnerships with leading distributors and manufacturers, we proudly offer HPC members direct access to exclusive deals and discounts on high-quality products and services in some of the largest hotel product categories. Additionally, our robust portfolio extends access to our foodservice program with US Foods, one of the largest food distributors in the nation.

We also provide logistics and advanced inventory management services to ensure your business is always well-stocked and running efficiently! Our state-of-the-art technology and real-time reporting capabilities will make it easy to manage every aspect of your supply chain. Become a member today.

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World-Class Support From Dedicated Industry Professionals

Our extensive network of trusted vendors can provide everything you need to take command of your supply chain spending and operate your business more effectively than ever! Take the next step in boosting the performance of your operations and leverage the collective purchasing power of HPC! Our team possesses a wealth of industry expertise and is prepared to help you identify and integrate efficiencies, optimize the purchasing process, and give you the confidence to achieve success now and well into the future. Save money on all the products and services you need at best-in-class prices. Get in touch with our industry experts today.

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